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"Angie is communicative and insightful, with a phenomenal eye and encyclopedic knowledge of plants. She is a real pleasure to work with and the results are phenomenal. We love living in our new yard!"


"It has been nearly 6 months since completing our backyard renovation project with Angie, and I am still blown away by what she enabled us to achieve. From our very first meeting, Angie proved to be incredibly thoughtful, flexible, and committed to ensuring an overwhelmingly positive experience and outcome. Dealing with a very large and open backyard, my wife and I were feeling overwhelmed with how to make this a more inviting and entertaining space for our growing family and friends. Angie patiently took the time to listen and ask about our desires, which clearly paid off from the first plot designs and renderings she created. She offered several different initial designs, which allowed us to get aligned early on the direction of the project, then worked through several drafts until we landed on a final design. This included substantial plantings such as trees, shrubs, and perennials (all with a focus on native vegetation), as well as hardscape including a sectioned patio, grill station, and more. The design process was highly productive and genuinely enjoyable. However, Angie’s contributions went FAR beyond the role of landscape designer. She connected us with several landscape construction firms, one of which we contracted with and were happy with, and made numerous other contractor recommendations and introductions. She was frequently on site, checking in with us and the contractors, and holding them accountable to the timeline and budget. She helped us navigate the permitting processes and assisted in our applications and meetings with the Town. And at one point she intervened to help resolve a dispute we encountered with one of our contractors. I highly recommend Angie (something I find myself doing frequently in fact!) and wouldn’t think twice to work with her again." Scott - Concord, MA

"My wife and I hired Angie to guide us through a massive outdoor project, which was complicated by our proximity to wetlands, a pond, and a stream. Angie took control of the project, explained the steps to get approval from the Conservation Commission, presented to the Commissions, and found great contractor and vendor options. The project transformed our outdoor living space, making it blend seamlessly with our rustic environment while supporting sustainable growth. We were able to get everything we wanted and then some, and now that the plantings are starting to mature we can see Angie's vision coming to fruition. Things we never thought about, like how to layer the plantings, how to ensure things are blooming all season, and providing useful outdoor living spaces, made us thrilled with the outcome. Our project was large enough to require splitting into two phases over 3 years, and Angie was with us every step of the way. Cannot recommend her enough! Also, she's super nice." Brett - Weston, MA

"Highest recommendation for Angie Verge! I worked with her extensively on a significant, multi-stage renovation of my back yard. I first met Angie through her partnership with my landscape architect, who designed the structural elements of the project. Angie designed the planting plan, helped me choose a landscape company, and supervised both phases of construction and planting. She's communicative and insightful, with a phenomenal eye and encyclopedic knowledge of plants. Angie is a real pleasure to work with and the results are phenomenal. We love living in our new yard!" Angie - Newton, MA

"We couldn’t have done our project without Angie!! From the beginning, Angie’s guiding hand, thoughtful planning and creativity made our backyard transformation project a complete joy. She heard our wants and “must haves” and incorporated them into the designs, then brought them to life with her renderings to help us feel the space. She ran the entire project for us from the design and planning (which was so much fun) all the way through to completion with the landscape contract company she recommended (who were also exceptionally professional and detail oriented). We would highly recommend anyone considering a landscaping project to work with Angie, she was amazing in every step of the process and can’t say enough good things about our experience." Marc - Chelmsford, MA

"After a thorough interview process, my husband and I hired Angie Verge to do our landscape job in Carlisle. It's a large property and we had several beds and hardscaping features that needed to be redone or installed as new. I knew Angie was the right choice when we saw her first set of plans--they were exactly what we asked for. She clearly had taken the time to listen to what we said we wanted plus she added a few creative touches that we hadn't asked for--all of which she reviewed very thoroughly with us during over the course of a few meetings. She sourced her plants from local nurseries, and during the construction phase, her subcontractors were on-time, professional, and did a great job. Angie was on-site often to check progress and ensure everything was checking out ok. The project stayed on schedule and on-cost, and most important, the final results look terrific. I can't recommend Angie highly enough." Christine - Carlisle, MA

"We served as a contractor to build Angie Verge's landscape design. Angie is extremely organized and efficient. She provided a full bid package with clear CAD drawings to build off of, all to scale with complete dimensions and notes. She was open to discussion, collaboration, and changes while still maintaining leadership of the process and executing effective decision-making throughout. This is the combination we look for in a designer. She provided us with valuable constructive feedback after the project. The experience of working with Angie was great from start to finish, and the project was a success. She is a creative, knowledgeable and competent designer with a strong sense of New England landscapes, and she is a highly professional project manager. You can trust a project will be executed well in Angie's hands." Village Stonesmith - Waltham, MA

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